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Turned It Around Yesterday.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

On the second day of election 2020, I wondered what the front of my house was doing. I'd been sick in bed for six days (ongoing health issue, not related to any current pandemics) and hadn't done anything on the Project, though I suppose I would have done if my nerve pain had been worse.

It had been more than a month since I looked at the front of the house/inn/hotel/author residence/crafty pain pill. We spend SO much time figuring out how the exterior should look, and then I (at least) look mostly at the inside ... even though at the point of furnishing something, I wish I were building the shell again.

Something about that focus on the exterior might reflect on the flash and bombast of the way some people choose a president, or some presidents try to see themselves, but I suppose this is not the place to make much of the reflection.

I haven't always loved this façade; even without the porch and the with the two bay windows, it seems very flat. Maybe it looks a bit like the old farmhouse where I actually live, which is a house I love ... but the mini house should be a big fantasy.

I do love the bays of the mini house, my favorite aspect of the front. Which does look considerably different from the way it started out, for what that's worth.

I originally worked out a color scheme with vanilla white-yellow and green and gold and dark brown ... which didn't work with the mostly blues and bluish greens of the interior. So I switched to this blue. I like this kind of paint a lot--very nice finish--and I hope to persuade Greg to let me paint our kitchen cabinets (which should be refinished or replaced) with the green.

Yes, I should probably work more on the big house rather than the little one. One does what one can when one can.

And yes, there's something about that that seems true for the election as well.

But there is something about focusing on the tiny world that is good for the soul as well as the pain levels. I suppose we need to do both, and at 1:18 a.m. on Friday morning, waiting to find out which way the nation goes, here's what I'm looking at.

A bunch of my projects from the last couple of years, the houses and books and book houses.

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